Top 10 Verve Songs

In the 90s, it was the bands that were easily pigeonholed that had the most success. Nirvana was Grunge, Green Day was Punk and STP did whatever was most popular during their recording sessions. Whether it was because of their unique sound or constant stylistic shifts, The Verve were not a band that was easily defined. In fact, if it weren't for uber-single (and the Rock Czar's #2 Alternative Rock Song of the 90s) "Bittersweet Symphony," and all the ensuing (positive and negative) hoopla it created, casual music fans would never have even known these guys existed. However, as you'll see from the list below, these guys have way more to offer than just one smash single and you absolutely need to download Urban Hymns if it's not yet part of your collection!

Top 10 Verve Songs

1Bittersweet SymphonyUrban Hymns1997
2She's a SuperstarVerve EP1992
3Lucky ManUrban Hymns1997
4HistoryA Northern Soul1995
5SonnetUrban Hymns1997
6Slide AwayA Storm in Heaven1993
7The Drugs don't WorkUrban Hymns1997
8Velvet MorningUrban Hymns1997
9Come onUrban Hymns1997
10Rather beForth2008

Posted 1/12/12 by the Rock Czar


+2 #1 RE: Top 10 Verve SongsMayur 2012-01-13 02:12
Great Songs 4m a Gr8 Band !!
+3 #2 RE: Top 10 Verve SongsThe Rock Czar 2012-01-16 13:00
Thanks Mayur.


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