Top 40 Mainstream Rock Songs of the 2000s: Songs 11-20

With cameos by Hoobastank and Evanescence this set of songs certainly won't win me a lot of street cred, but hey, these years included college and the start of my relationship with the girl who is currently my fiance. Since I had already just about given up on mainstream music, a decent amount of what I heard in these years came from my girlfriend and friends. Of course at times it's hard to know whether you like the songs because of the memories or vice versa.

Top 40 Mainstream Rock Songs of the 2000s: Songs 11-20

20Hit thatThe OffspringSplinter2003
18The Last Remaining LightAudioslaveAudioslave2002
17Right Where it BelongsNine Inch NailsWith Teeth2005
16BlindedThird Eye BlindOut of the Vein2003
15GoodbyeArmy of AnyoneArmy of Anyone2006
13What I can give youCollective SoulAfterwords2007
12The ReasonHoobastankThe Reason2003
11My ImmortalEvanescenceFallen2003

Posted 7/10/12 by the Rock Czar

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