Top 10 Hole Songs

I have come around to Hole over the years. I used to look at Courtney Love as the cold hearted bitch that seemed like she had a bit too much to do with Kurt's death. Now I'm certainly not saying that Courtney's not a bitch, but I definitely like her music much more than I used to. In fact, I think that Live Through This certainly makes a strong case for a top 20 mention in any list of the best grunge albums.

Top 10 Hole Songs

1Boys on the RadioCelebrity Skin1998
2Asking for itLive Through this1994
3Pacific Coast HighwayNobody's Daughter2010
4Miss WorldLive Through this1994
5Hit so HardCelebrity Skin1998
6SamanthaNobody's Daughter2010
7VioletLive Through this1994
8Doll PartsLive Through this1994
9MalibuCelebrity Skin1998
10Jennifers BodyLive Through this1994

Posted 3/25/12 by the Rock Czar


0 #1 RE: Top 10 Hole SongsCynthia 2013-10-14 21:37
I think that Dying and Northern Star should be in the top 10 but it's really different for everybody.

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